Mix 102.3’s Jodie and Soda end-of-year car giveaway

The Adelaide breakfast co-hosts played Santa to two listeners. 

Mix 102.3’s Jodie & Soda have gotten into the festive cheer, giving away a Hyundai Kona as part of the Mix 102.3’s Car for Christmas campaign, while also helping to raise over $70,000 for charity Kickstart for Kids.

As part of their end of year celebrations on Friday, Jodie & Soda hosted the Kickstart for Kids Breakfast, broadcasting their show live from Victoria Square in the middle of Adelaide CBD.

More than 350 school children and 400 adults turned out on the morning, after Jodie & Soda were able to raise $25,000 in just one and half hours for the charity through a radio-thon during their breakfast show the day before.

By the time the mics were turned off on the show for 2017, Jodie and Soda were able to announce a total of $71,000 raised.

Mix 102.3 listener, Julie, was also invited along as part of the ‘Car for Christmas’ competition in which she was in the running to win a car, but with a catch: she in turn had to give it away.

She nominated her son, 22 year old Luke, as the recipient if she was fortunate enough to win. He had been saving for a car while his mum has been driving him to and from work every day.

Unbeknownst to Julie and her unsuspecting son Luke, Jodie & Soda had already decided to give the car away to them and when they broke the news on air.

See the video below.


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