‘Moonman’ lands at Triple M

Replaces Ed Kavalee in ‘happiest changeover in history.’

The comedian and tv and radio personality is officially joining Marto and Robin for the Triple M BIG Breakfast 104.5 Brisbane in 2018. 

Kavalee, whose family lives in Melbourne, made the decision to move on following the recent birth of his child, saying, ‘Once I had the baby, people kept telling me I had to live in the same city as the child.’

‘There were not a lot of options, so Triple M had to go for me,’ said Mooney as he was welcomed into the Triple M studio by the departing Ed.

Describing the transition as ‘probably one of the cleanest in commercial radio history,’ Mooney said ‘Normally they’d find a headless body in a ditch and say “where’s Ed?”, “no … Ed’s gone. This is actually a handover.’

Marto agreed: ‘it’s the only time I’ve ever seen people meet each other as they pass. Normally, there’s a disappearance.’

When asked what he was looking forward to in 2018, The Moonman responded: ‘I’m looking forward to working with you guys, I’ve been with you on and off the last three years, and filling in for Ed when he’s decided not to show up for work. I’m looking forward to a bit of a laugh to start the day.’

Listen to the seamless handover as well as Mooney’s Russell Crowe impression below. 


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