More 3AK changes

Jeff Kennett has lost the options on his parcel of 3AK shares after resigning his board position and drive shift in November last year. Kennett told The Age: “It’s obvious that it should flow as we’ve terminated our services. I have no hassles with that at all.”

In the words of presenter Brett De Hoedt (click on audio grab below), 3AK continues to “amuse and entertain – the rest of the radio industry” in its most recent round of changes. Some of the most recent movements at the station are:

“Experienced business operator” Nickolas John Karantzis has been appointed to the DCL board.

Brett de Hoedt has resigned after he was not given a “more prominent on-air role.”

Weekend evening presenter Yvonne Lawrence, has been replaced by Roland Rocchiccioli and Annette Allison.

Producers Nicole Bland, Kerry Hughenden, Julianne Page and Fiona Clancy have been axed.

Journalist Gary McQuade and panel operator Damien Sleep have also gone, as has publicist Lisa Bateman.

Asked about the 3AK staff exodus, Jeff Kennett told The Age: “If you have a look at the history – I joined in February last year – there would be very few who are there today who were there then and, in some cases, several positions have been changed several times.” He said that some very good, loyal people have had “to bear the brunt which is unfortunate.”

The station’s current new 2003 lineup is:

Breakfast – Sam Kekovich and Jane Holmes

Mornings – John Jost

Afternoons – Yvonne Adele

Drive – Tim Ferguson

Evenings – Rob Elliot

Nights – Doug Aiton

Overnights – Peter Tatchell

In an amusing stunt from the embattled station this week, 3AW heavyweights Bruce Mansfield and Philip Brady were also heard on 3AK when new evening presenter Rob Elliott rang his competitors to ask for listeners.

Wheel of Fortune’s Rob Elliott started with TALK 1116 Radio 3AK on Monday night. Around 8.30pm on his second night he made the call to Mansfield and Brady’s Nightline show, to ask for some of their listeners.

Elliott Said, “Bruce and Phil have 12% of the audience and we have 2% it’s only fair that we have some of the share.”