A morning of exclusives for Brig and Lehmo

The Brig and Lehmo for Breakfast show on GOLD 104.3 FM spoke with Grant Hackett’s father Nev Hackett and Sheng Li’s lawyer Ron Kuby to clarify information about the two recent news scandals surrounding both parties.

Nev Hackett, confirmed that son Grant has in fact gone to America for rehab saying: “I think he’s in denial just at present. He believes he’s just going over there to re-charge the batteries. But we’ve intervened and taken other action. Grant’s not quite himself just at present, although he seems OK through the day, he’s got a problem. He said he’s got a problem. But he can call it what he likes, you can call it rehab, call it what you like, call it anything. he will be assessed by a panel of experts and he’ll be receiving some treatment.”

Ron Kuby, the lawyer representing photographer Sheng Li claimed that Lara Bingle allegedly sparked the scuffle which landed Sam Worthington in trouble with the law.
“Lara Bingle, she was angry at my client for taking her picture, which I don’t know why. I mean isn’t that what she is famous for, getting her picture taken? I mean she doesn’t have any record of accomplishment does she? She’s sort of the Australian version of Kim Kardashian, right?

So Anyway, she’s upset that he is taking her picture and she becomes angry towards my client and tries to take his camera. Then calls Worthington over, claims my client had just kicked her.  Which is ridiculous, I mean why would my client  be kicking Lara Bingle, he was trying to take her picture. And then Worthington comes over and beats him down.”