“My big beautiful panda has gone.” Vale Sean Pickwell

Just days after Robin Bailey stepped down from Triple M to care for her terminally ill husband Sean Pickwell has, sadly, passed away.

The former SCA marketing executive, lost his battle with cancer, at home, early this morning.

Robin posted this tribute to him on her facebook page this morning.

What can I say .. my big beautiful panda has gone.

He died as he lived … his way ….at home with us holding him…. early this morning. 

In this moment there are no words or feelings that can truly express the love and gratitude I have for my husband Sean Pickwell .

He came into our lives and healed us . He loved me so hard and taught me so much and now whatever life throws at us we will be stronger, wiser and more fierce because of him. 

He was my absolute soul mate, the true love of my life and whatever I do from now on he will be in my heart and in my corner cheering me on.

Sean will be remembered at a memorial for family and friends in the coming weeks but if his journey touched you or you want to reach out for us I ask you to do two things . 

Give blood. It’s life saving for so many people and it’s easy and pain free and can do so much for so many . His legacy is Team Sean Pickwell Red25 at any blood bank in Australia 

Plus donate or support Karuna. This most amazing none profit organisation gave us the support and means to grant his final wishes to die at home surrounded in love with the people he loved.

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