NEMBC supports new Walkley Award for media diversity

“The NEMBC was pleased to be supporting a new media diversity Award that opens up the opportunity for multicultural community broadcasters to make an application to the Walkley Awards,”  according to National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters Council Executive Officer Russell Anderson.
The Media Diversity Australia Mid-Year Award honours journalists who are making an outstanding contribution through their reporting or coverage of diverse people or issues in Australia. This includes culturally and linguistically diverse communities and people with disability.
“The Awards celebrates reporting that demonstrates notable courage in raising awareness of CALD and/or PWD experiences and perspectives, as well as innovation in the telling of these stories. It recognises the significance of media coverage in providing nuanced reporting which serves to alter perceptions and attitudes, challenge stereotypes and fight misinformation.”


Judging Criteria

  • Newsworthiness
  • Research, writing and production.
  • Incisiveness
  • Balance and range of perspectives
  • Courage in trying new innovation and/or in tackling subjects that are difficult
  • Covers issues that are underrepresented in the media
  • Impact and public benefit
  • Adherence to ethical standards
  • Time constraints and resources available

Judges will also consider the pressure and demand of reporting deadlines, the location of the journalist and will take into consideration isolation or exposure to outside forces, as well as the real or potential dangers in presenting a story.
Submissions are open to all journalists working in mainstream, community or alternative media, as individuals or in collaboration with others on projects.
The Award is sponsored by Media Diversity Australia, Cohealth and the NEMBC.
Entries Close 26 April. All the details are here


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