Networking nights not working for 2UE

It wasn’t so long ago – in fact, it was only on January 9, when 2UE announced it’s 2015 line up.

It included veteran broadcaster Walter Williams piping his night time program in from Brisbane. 

But following last week’s survey, which saw Nights (7pm – Midnight) drop from 9.1 to 4.9, 2UE’s Content Director Clinton Maynard has been forced to conceed in a memo to staff “it is clear the program wasn’t the right fit for our audience.” 

From tonight, March 16, frequent fill-in Mike Jeffreys who recently hosted Nights over summer, will step in, live and local, until a decision is made on the program’s future post merger.

At least they didn’t have to go to the expense of shooting new publicity shots.

No doubt a Bring Back Clive Robertson fan club will pop up somewhere. His shots are still current too.


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