New community radio licences for Wollongong and Lithgow NSW

The ABA has invited applications for several new community radio broadcasting licence in the NSW regional areas of Wollongong, Lithgow and Yass.

An earlier attempt to allocate the Wollongong licence was made in late 1999, however none of the applicants at the time successfully met all of the necessary criteria. Acting ABA Chair Lyn Maddock told radioinfo:. “Another permanent community radio licence was allocated to a Wollongong Christian group in March 2000, and now that over two years have passed since that time, the ABA is pleased to be able to provide any aspirant groups with another opportunity to apply for this licence.”

Applicants should contact the ABA’s Licensing Section on 1800 226 667 or (02) 9334 7700 for copies of the Wollongong application information booklet. Applications are due by Wednesday 9 October 2002.


Applications have also been invited for a new community station in the Lithgow area. Contact 1800 226 667 or (02) 9334 7700 for applications, which are due by Wednesday 9 October 2002.