New initiative to produce university graduates for SCA regional stations

A first for regional radio in Australia  
SCA in conjunction with Charles Sturt University is launching a smart new initiative called The Regional Radio Endorsement Program with the aim of creating a pool of university educated talent to join stations in regional markets.

From tomorrow, SCA stations in nine selected regions will launch a month-long ad campaign (audio below) inviting recent school leavers to apply to their local station if they’d like to do a three year Bachelor of Communications – Radio degree at Charles Sturt University in Bathurst.

Once they attain their degree, they’ll be fully qualified for a position with SCA in the market which endorsed them.

Only residents in the following radio markets are eligible.

Central Coast
Wagga Wagga
Gold Coast

Overseeing the initiative is SCA’s National HR Manager, Jarrad Nairne, (pictured) who explains, “We’re targeting new school leavers or recent school leavers who’ll be able to go online to our career site where they can upload their CV and tell us in 100 words or less why they think they’ll be the ideal person for this opportunity.

“The idea is that in three years time our regional markets will be in a position to employ fully degree qualified radio professionals – which we see as really important part of our business,” says Mr Nairne.

One aspect that sets The Regional Radio Endorsement Program apart is that SCA’s local managers, not the University, will determine which applicants will be given the opportunity to attain their degree.

As Mr Nairne explains, the criteria by which the successful applicants will be chosen emphasise creativity and passion over traditional scholastic achievement.

“If they have great marks at school, that’s going to help, but it’s really about identifying those people who want to go to university but don’t necessarily want to go study an accounting degree and are looking for an exciting industry to be a part of.

“Its all about behaviours for us and that goes to our core recruiting principals – not necessarily just for this project. We are a big proponent of recruiting behaviour over skills and experience because we can teach somebody how to sell radio or how to produce a show but we can’t teach somebody how to be passionate and creative and hardworking,” says Mr Nairne.

SCA has had a long standing relationship with Charles Sturt University, but previously the interns the initiative produced ended up in metro markets.  For the first time, the initiative will focus on regional markets.

If you are interested in taking part in this rare opportunity, or you know someone who could be then head to

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