New service for PDs and job-seekers

In the changeover from AMT to radioinfo, some of you may have noticed we’ve discontinued one of our services – the Talent Bank. Well, now a new website has set up this service – with a few extra bells and whistles. provides the opportunity for jocks to display their CV’s and mug-shots online, together with the ability to stream air-check demos in three audio formats: RealAudio, Windows Media and mp3.

There are two different ways of displaying your wares:

* Password-protected means your details can’t be accessed by just anybody – great for those looking to move up without wanting to let the world know about it.

* Fully public lets the whole world know you’re for hire.

PDs looking for new talent can receive details of everyone who lists simply by registering on the site. onair tells us they’ve already signed up PDs from ARN, Austereo, DMG and RG Capital.

onair’s rates compare favourably to the cost of sending out demos – $66 inc GST for 3 months, $110 inc GST for 6 months. And as a special offer to radioinfo subscribers, onair are giving away 10 free 3 month subscriptions to the first 5 guys and 5 girls who register, and mention you read it HERE.