New sound on the way for SYN

The SYN radio team are reshaping the sound of SYN in the coming weeks, with a multitude of voice clips for 90.7FM and their digital channel, SYN Nation.
“We want to reflect SYN’s enormous character with funny and charming voice promos, and develop a really professional sound for SYN,” said Scarlett Maloney, SYN FM Manager.
SYN is seeking to “solidify its position as an ever-growing and adapting hub for creative young people in media. These new promotions will shape the sound of SYN and reflect this professional stance”.
In another step towards redefining the content of FM and SYN Nation, the new voice clips will be specific to each platform.

The aim is to echo the different characteristics of the stations, with FM focused mainly on music and local content, and SYN Nation on discussion and panel shows.



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