Nick changes his life in 5 seconds with Carrie and Tommy on the Hit Network

All it took for Nick from the Sunshine Coast to change his life, with Carrie and Tommy on the Hit Network, was five seconds. Or 5:00 to be exact.

Carrie & Tommy’s $100,000 Time Game asks listeners to say ‘STOP’ at exactly 5 seconds. Surprisingly hard to do, but with a life changing reward. Carrie and Tommy had a chat with Nick before the count:

Carrie: “What will you do with your cash?

Nick: “Well, we’re (Nick and his fiancée) travelling around Australia. I’m actually from Queensland but working near Millicent at the moment. I just got engaged about two weeks ago!”

Carrie: “Wow! Where did you do it, Nick?”

Nick: “My partner asked me because it’s a leap year! We’ve only been together 9 months but she’s pretty keen. We want to do it in Denmark where my Mum is from. My Mum is from there so we would love to do a Viking wedding over in Denmark.”

You can listen to and watch the outcome below.



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