Nielsen certifies streaming app numbers in the US

One of the things that broadcasters are struggling with around the world is counting digital consumption in a way that is consistent with radio ratings.

The new GfK surveys in Australia measure online and app radio listening via diary research, using the same methodology as radio ratings, but this does not use the native analytics, nor does it integrate other consumption figures such as website hits, these are measured by other providers.

CRA’s Joan Warner has told radioinfo: “Online listening in Australia is measured by GfK via ‘platform of listening’ so all listening is captured. Stations then report website and social media interaction not streaming.”

As broadcasters seek to sell eyeballs and hits on their online properties, the discrepencies in social media interaction numbers are becoming more pronounced.

In the USA, the Nielsen company has moved to a different solution for measuring radio streaming, by certifying the native analytics within apps so that they can be integrated into the standard radio ratings, giving broadcasters a single measurement of listening across free to air broadcast and online platforms.

Nielsen released the following information about the new development in a market release:

Nielsen has certified jācapps V4, Jacobs Media’s mobile application for iPhone and Android. Broadcasters can now generate measurement data consistent with Nielsen’s on-air ratings and increase the value of mobile streaming, according to a release from the companies.
Until now, “program directors have been reluctant to heavily promote their mobile app for fear of losing listening credit,” says jācapps President Paul Jacobs. “Now mobile streaming data will be additive for broadcasters and will help them showcase expanded reach, and help advertisers better connect with consumers.”
Nielsen EVP/Managing Director Matt O’Grady adds that with the certification, Nielsen will now be better able to help radio clients quantify “the size and nature” of their listening audience across broadcast and digital platforms.


The move has been welcomed by broadcasters.

Meanwhile, streaming in regional Australia remains turned off in a continuing dispute between CRA (representing the industry) and the PPCA, representing the recording industry. The dispute is expected back before the Copyright Tribunal this week.

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