NOVA 100’s Browny on AFL trade period

This morning Jonathan Brown from Nova 100’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny discussed player trade week. Controversially, Browny believes that clubs should be given the power to trade a player without their permission as currently the power is too heavily weighted in favour of the player.
He discussed that trade week used to be boring but now it is interesting as players have a lot of control by demanding their clubs of choice.
They discussed Bryce Gibbs who has requested a trade to the Adelaide Crows.
Browny said, “Carlton because they own his contract, Carlton can say no we are not dealing you. Invariably now the players wishes get honoured. Carlton are a struggling club, they’re probably going to go backwards, they had a good start to the year but they’ve got a pretty young list, they’ve got to rebuild part of the list. Bryce Gibb is 27 years old and is looking at his future and thinking I’m not going to win a flag at Carlton in the foreseeable future. Adelaide however are right on the cusp, I think they’ve got a list that is close to winning a flag.”
Browny also said that Adelaide offering pick 13 won’t get the deal done and they will have to offer more.
Browny said, “This is a bit of a problem. You asked the question, it seems to be a new thing players requesting where they want to go. You know players can request where they want to go but if a club says we want to move you, the player has to give their permission. I think what the AFL needs to do, they need to come to an agreement, say righto, the players have got all this power, so therefore the clubs need to be given a bit of power back. The clubs should be allowed to trade players without their permission, to balance the leger. It should happen, because it is now too heavily weighted in favour of players. Even younger players , that have only played two years with a footy club are coming out and saying I want to move clubs, I want to move from interstate back to Melbourne whatever it may be, so clubs should right to say no, you are going to Carlton next year,. We’ve got a good deal on the table, we are happy with it so you’re moving….Maybe they should put in a minimum salary, if you’re on above $200,000 or $300,000 maybe whatever it is. They should balance it up so clubs have more power, I don’t care if its controversial, It should happened to balance it up a little bit better.”
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