Nova 100’s Tommy Little tells the stunning Ashley Hart about their first meeting at the races

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Ambassador Ashley Hart gives Nova 100 breakfast host Tommy Little a kiss when he reveals his embarrassing first meeting with her. 
Ashley was in the Nova studios yesterday with Meshel & Tommy when Tommy shared details of their first meeting three or four years ago at the races after he had talked his way into a marquee and tried to introduce himself to her.
Tommy said, “Here is what happened, it was three or four years ago, we were at the races and somehow I had managed to sneak myself into one of the really nice marquees. We share a mutual friend. Now I was so drunk at the time and the idea of free alcohol was amazing to me. I was in a state I like to call really charming. They tried to start a conga line behind me on the way to the toilet.”

“I was trying to say hello to you because a friend introduced me and I believe I went in for what was maybe a messy kiss on the cheek and you saw me coming from a mile off, and probably smelt me coming from a mile off to be fair, and you waved your hands in front of your face and went no and took a step back.”

Ashley said, “No I wouldn’t do that”. Tommy said, “I don’t blame you”. Ashley said, “No way I go in for the big hug and kiss to everyone, I can’t image it.”

Tommy painted a picture of what he looked like at the time saying, “I think I was also wearing white leather shoes, there could have been some peroxide going through the hair, maybe even a belt buckle with my name on it.”

Ashley: “Should we make up for it Tommy, do you want to try again because you look really cute now (giggles)”.

Tommy: “I fell over”      

Ashley: “This story gets worse and worse.”
Tommy: “You were nimble on high heels. You took one step back, and what I should have done at that stage was retreat but I didn’t’ because I’d over committed and was off balance so I took another step forward, and again all credit to you for being so nimble while wearing heels, you took another step back, I fell over and my saving grace was I went I hope no one saw that, then I heard almost everything go quiet and then just a  few laughs and I looked up and just moments before I had met my childhood idols ex-test cricketers Damien Fleming and Greg Blewett, they were pointing and laughing. I dusted myself off and said landed it and try to pick up the day.”
Ashley: “I’m glad I can be part of one of your most embarrassing moments you’ve ever had.”



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