Nova 106.9 goes to the dogs

A study released this week by the National Academy of Sciences in America proved “puppy dog eyes” is an actual thing.
Researchers have discovered that dogs have evolved a specific muscle in their face allowing them to make that particular expression that makes humans instantly hand over all the treats.
This theory of evolution will be tested at Nova 106.9 this Friday as a lot of dogs bound about the office for Bring Your Dog to Work Day.
More than 20 Nova Staff have signed up to bring their dogs to work on Friday and are hoping their pets practice “very good boy” behaviours.
The Nova Brisbane Breakfast team are also planning to bring their dogs into the studio and are hoping the dogs get along like their humans.
Kip, Mitch, Ash and Ange are all bringing their very good doggos in to work –
Ash is bringing his Golden Retriever called Sonny Bill. Kip is bringing his sausage dog Pancho and pug Sukiyaki, Mitch Lewis is bringing his sausage dog Nelly, and Ange Anderson is bringing in her instafamous German Shephard Arlo.
If dogs are like their owners then Ash is happy and playful, also boisterous and loves kids, Kip is intelligent and extremely affectionate, Mitch is lively and courageous to the point of rashness, and if Ange is bored, it will lead to behavioural problems.




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