Nova Brisbane launches extreme karaoke competition

Ash, Kip and Luttsy from Nova 106.9FM launched a talent competition today that brings a whole new meaning to singing under pressure. 
Extreme Karaoke invites contestants to belt out their nominated tune while enduring extreme conditions dreamt up by the Nova Brisbane breakfast trio. 

Kip demonstrated the extreme karaoke concept to listeners this morning, accepting the challenge to sing Reef’s “Place Your Hands” while serving breakfast to, and enduring electric shocks by his Nova colleagues.
The resulting video shows the Nova team crowding around to witness Kip’s failure to complete the challenge:


Nova Program Director, Jay Walkerden said: “Extreme karaoke is played around the world in various forms but this is the first time it has been brought to Brisbane. What started as an idea to keep Kip from singing in the studio has now evolved into a very serious singing competition. This is a talent quest looking to find Brisbane’s best singers who are prepared to put more than their vocal chords on the line for a shot at stardom.” 
Singers in Nova’s extreme karaoke competition are competing not only for the satisfaction of mastering whatever scenario the Brisbane breakfast trio dream up to disrupt their performance; but for their own shot of stardom. 
The overall winner will win studio recording time, guaranteed radio airplay of their song and $1000 cash. 
Listeners can also get involved by voting online for their favourite performers with a chance to win $1000.  
Nova’s Extreme Karaoke competition commences on Monday 24th March 2014. Registration is open on the Nova Brisbane website.

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