Nova Brisbane’s Test Transmissions

From today, DMG’s new Nova station in Brisbane will begin playing music, as part of a week of test transmissions.

DMG’s Managing Director, Metropolitan Radio, Cathy O’Connor, says the tests on the 106.9 FM frequency will simply assess if there are any interference problems.

“There are no further plans at this stage. We still don’t have a building and only minimal staff, who are in the very early planning stages for a full launch.

“This will be a week of mandatory technical tests to ensure the frequency does not disrupt any other signals.”

DMG is quick to point out that the tests should not be interpreted as what listeners will hear on Nova when it officially launches (by mid 2005).

For its tests for in Sydney, Nova broadcast bird noises for a week, while Adelaide networked Merrick & Rosso in breakfast.

While there might not be a Nova building yet in Brisbane, Sean Ryan will be on board from early next month as General Manager, joining Program Director, Adam Williscroft.

And, while DMG is yet to announce a format for the Brisbane market, it has confirmed it will implement its ‘no more than two ads in a row’ policy from day one.

In preparation for Nova’s Brisbane launch, Triple M has overhauled its playlist and started ‘live’ web streaming of its broadcasts.

From 5pm Friday, Triple M became Brisbane’s first commercial FM station to go live on the internet.

Also stepping up is 97.3FM, which has a new marketing campaign to push its ‘more music’ format.