Groove FM Founders sign off after ABA investigation

After the adverse ABA finding last week, Groove FM’s former CEO, Raf Niesten, and Secretary, Joseph Carreno broadcast their final show on Friday.

The pair, who were founders of the station, were criticised in the ABA investigation into the Groove licence and have decided to resign their positions and their on air program.

Their last program was peppered with hidden references to the ABA investigation, such as “We’re taking photo’s here in the studios – oh… just wondering if that’s against regulations or not?” and “A bit of Aussie music now – just so we fill up our quota for this afternoon!”

radioinfo’s Perth source says there is “a dramatic change in the way Groove FM sounds. A lot more talking is going on, especially about issues in the community.”

The station now has a more diverse playlist with more Aussie music being played. There were no sponsorship announcements on air at the time our Perth source was listening, yet in the past there has been around 5 minutes per hour.

You can hear some of their program by clicking below (wav audio file 5.5 Mb – large).