Nova launches a new series of Finding a Unicorn

Serial dater Carly Bowyer and unlucky-in-love fusspot Eliza Paschke have combined to produce a mortifyingly candid dating podcast.
Finding a Unicorn, follows the ‘Married at First Sight’ over-sharer, with a no-filter commitment-phobe as they go on a journey to find out if the perfect match is actually out there or if they’re searching for a mythical creature that doesn’t exist, the elusive unicorn.

Carly and Eliza are no relationships experts, but they’ve seen it all, and they’re not afraid to talk about it, much to the horror of their exes. With the help of listeners, they tackle disastrous dates, brutal breakups, rebounds, red flags, fetishes, fantasies and more.

Carly said, “We want people to know that they’re not alone… it’s hard out there and the dating game can totally suck. I’d just ended a relationship, started dating again and quickly realised how cut throat the dating game was. There were so many bad dates and dating fails, that I needed an outlet to spill all the juicy details so Finding a Unicorn was born!”

Carly’s been through it all in the dating world, from long term relationships to serial dating and even appeared on Married at First Sight.
Eliza said, “I make no secret of the fact I have zero success when it comes to love and relationships. Which is why you won’t find a better person to talk about the minefield that is dating. I’ve met a million donkeys on my unsuccessful quest to find a unicorn and instead of being defeated and depressed, I decided venting publicly on a podcast was the answer.”

Andrew Brentnall, Nova Network Editor said, “As soon as we heard Finding A Unicorn we were hooked. Carly and Eliza’s straight-talking insights about dating and their infectious personalities and honesty are the perfect fit for Nova. We can’t wait to partner with Carly and Eliza to share their stories with our audience and provide Finding A Unicorn with well-deserved exposure across Nova’s digital channels.”
The new series of Finding a Unicorn launches on Wednesday 12 February, with a new episode dropping each Wednesday, available on Acast or wherever you access your podcasts.




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