Nova partners with fertility clinic for podcast series

NOVA Entertainment has launched Modern Babies, a branded podcast series tailor made for Genea.

Modern Babies is a 10 part podcast series that delves into fertility and IVF and creates an intimate platform to provide information and support about the journey through fertility. Modern Babies will look at male, female and natural fertility, egg freezing, endometriosis, miscarriage, science and technology, the IVF process, the emotions associated with the process and provide information on what to do when planning to have a baby.

Fertility is a very personal and often sensitive topic and there is no centralised location to gain information from an Australian perspective. Podcasts allow listeners to consume information privately and Modern Babies has been created as a new and engaging way to inform, discuss and break down the stigma surrounding infertility and IVF.

Genea Brand and Marketing Manager Nicole Papoutsis said, “Genea believes knowledge is power so we’re constantly on the hunt for new ways to give the public the knowledge they need about fertility and help them avoid the heartbreak of finding out about their fertility challenges too late. When Nova proposed the idea of a podcast all about fertility, it fit the bill perfectly. It’s an engaging and fast growing medium which gives us the scope to explain what can be a complicated topic and get the message out there. It is also a medium which lets people consume information on what can be a taboo topic, privately.”

Andy Milne, NOVA Entertainment’s Head of Creative Services said, “We spent a lot of time with the Genea team and were impressed at the sophistication of their business. We wanted to tell their brand story in a way that not only informed the audience of their excellent services, but also helped better inform people on the world of fertility and IVF.”

“Through our own research we discovered that there was a real need for informative, relevant and specific Australian details about IVF. By recruiting experienced podcast professionals and surrounding them with our state-of-the-art audio production facilities, we were able to produce a series designed to strike a balance between inquisitiveness, science, emotions and information. We are extremely proud of the result and know it will help listeners navigate their IVF journey,” Milne said.

Modern Babies launched this week with a different theme explored weekly over a 10 week period. Listen to the podcast here

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