Nude in the studio on Melbourne’s coldest morning this year

Things got very awkward very quickly on Melbourne’s KIIS101.1 Matt & Meshel show this morning when two strangers stripped bare in studio in the city’s first ever ‘Naked Dating’ segment.

The cheeky segment has been popular for KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O this year capturing the attention of A-listers Snoop Dog and 50 Cent and now listeners of Matt & Meshel have copped an eye and earful after the segment was live streamed on Instagram and broadcast on radio.

On Melbourne’s coldest morning of the year at a mere six degrees listeners Josh and Steph got naked within minutes of meeting each other both encouraged by Matt & Meshel to describe what they liked about each other.

Josh was first to pull down his dacks, not before making a few “adjustments” downstairs, while Steph de-robed also to a room full of strangers. 

Josh declared he was up for going on a proper date, he was left hanging (pardon the pun) when Steph responded that she would “maybe” go on a date with him.

The pair were given a restaurant voucher to head out later but it’s not known whether they will meet up again.

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