NXFM’s Normy has a big announcement

Normy Dorrell of NXFM106.9’s Sophie, Heath Normy has had a challenging year, but today made a special announcement, that he and his wife Kimberley are expecting a baby.

After losing their home in the Newcastle April storms, Normy and “Kimmy” are absolutely delighted to be pregnant with Baby Dorrell.

Normy has always been challenged at keeping a secret, but he got the go-ahead for this morning’s announcement and shared the happy news with NXFM listeners. This lead to an avalanche of congratulatory messages from family, friends and fans of the show.

Proud Dad-to-Be Normy said: “We’re both really excited about our news, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to start testing my dad jokes.”

Due in April 2016, NXFM is now taking bets on boy or girl and names for the little one.

Take a listen to the big announcement here.

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