NZ Radio Awards event moves virtual for 2022

In a late move, and with an eye on the current surge in Covid cases in New Zealand, the 2022 NZ Radio Awards Show has now moved to a virtual event.

The Radio Industry Awards Committee was due to celebrate the best in the industry next Thursday 21 July, but based on RBA member feedback this week, the potential impact on the industry of a “super-spread” event at this time, they have decided that the Awards will have to be a virtual event.

All finalists and attendees will be able to enjoy the full show from home or in groups that each radio organisation can co-ordinate with their teams.

Radio organisations will still be charged the full ticket price with the committee saying, “Sadly, due to the late nature of this decision the full ticket price will be charged for radio organisations paying as we are incurring the full costs of the show and event.

“We hope you still enjoy the great show we have put together celebrating the best of NZ radio in 2021.” 

The link to the live stream will go live at 5pm, Thursday 21 July 2022

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