Ollie Wards looks at triple j’s success in Survey 8

triple j finished the year with gains in all the major markets and notable gains in their breakfast program that was vacated by Ben & Liam just prior to the survey period.

radioinfo’s Wayne Stamm spoke to triple j Content Director, Ollie Wards, about the final survey for 2019.
radioinfo: Congratulations, this overall is a really good result for the final survey of the year
Ollie: Thanks, we are really happy with this survey because traditionally Survey 1 is our strongest of the year and we sort of build back up towards the end of the year and then around the Hottest 100, see our strongest results.
So to have our record reach in survey 8 says that we’re going to be starting the new year in a really strong position.
We were pretty stoked with the line-up for next year anyway and this just gives them a real good leg up into the new year.
We were really impressed in particular with our replacement breakfast show for the last part of this year, Lucy Smith, who went up in all markets… so hat off to her and she’s going to be joining the line-up full time on Mornings next year.
Her strong start in breakfast for this survey gave triple j a stronger chance of doing well for the rest of the day. Having her come into that shift without a huge lead in and pick to up what she did is just an amazing result for her.
radioinfo: There were big gains in both Brisbane and Perth.
Ollie: Yeah those are the two markets where we are number one in our core demo of 18 to 24 as well.
The Perth result was well and truly up, about eight points, so we are really stoked with that.
And then of course we look at the five city results all altogether, which is something I don’t think the other networks necessarily do given their local programming, and looking at the five city results it’s pretty clear we’ve had a good end to the year.

radioinfo: And what about those changes to the onair line up for 2020?
Ollie: Between Lucy who moves into mornings, and Sally & Erica who move into breakfast next year, and are already quite well known to the audience, I think the start of the day for us on weekdays is going to be really strong even though we’ve had a fair amount of change.
It’s important for triple j to regenerate and being the youth radio network, we do have perhaps more emphasis than others to talk to that demographic from a peer to peer level and you can only really do that by sometimes having presenters switch out.
So it’s definitely important for triple j to have these regenerations every now and then.  



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