An opportunity for radio stars to be born on Kiss FM

Before there was KIIS, there was Kiss.

You may remember from late last year the story of Kiss FM, a narrowcaster in Melbourne that’s been operating for nearly 20 years taking on ARN over it’s KIIS FM which was about to launch in Sydney.

Anyway, all that ended amicably with both free to continue using their similar but different names.

While KIIS 106.5 FM pays millions to big name stars like Kyle and Jackie O, Kiss FM pays little or nothing to help no-names launch their careers both on air and off air.

No-names of the past who have passed through Kiss FM and are big names now include Merrick Watts and Tim Ross when they were a team, Pam Ann, Rove McManus and more.

The last two years has seen five Kiss breakfast announcers snatched up by commercial FM networks.

Now Kiss FM is looking for more fresh talent. With this in mind and realising the difficulties facing the aspiring new generation of entertainers, artists, comedians and students looking for ways to compile professional show reels and resumes in order to be noticed by “the big guys”, Kiss FM will launch several new shows to be hosted and produced by the aspiring stars of tomorrow.

The shows will be during week day hours and 60 to 90 minutes in duration with a magazine type format.  Presenters (max three per show) will be asked to produce a show revolving around music, humor, the arts, technology, politics and social issues.

“We’re looking for talented, vibrant and entertaining individuals to create an hour and a half of compelling radio. They must be social media savvy and see this opportunity as more than just a radio show but the chance to build a professional profile and an impressive multimedia show reel.” Timmy Byrne Kiss FM Program Director.

If you’re interested, you’ll need to submit short video encapsulating the essence of your show containing elements of music, the arts, technology, politics and social issues. Individuals or teams of up to three people are eligible. You must be over 18 and must also submit a brief resume.

If selected you’ll be offered an 8 to 10 week run of shows on Kiss. Musical content to be programmed by Kiss FM.

Applicants have until 5pm Friday November 14th2014 to submit their videos and resumes to [email protected]

For any further details contact Timmy Byrne [email protected]

Here are some stats from Kiss FM

70,000 +  Listening each week. 53% listen for 2+ hours EACH DAY via 87.6-88FM MELBOURNE
10,000+  SERVERS listening daily via internet stream. 90% Australia Wide.
| ONE of these servers is tune in radio app [for example]
| ONE is our facebook stream and so on …..
| The actual numbers of INDIVIDUALS listening via each server is 2-1000+ fold more
48,500+  Downloads on the KISS FM i-Phone app since release mid September 2010
11,500  Weekly EDM [157 DJ’s resend to their networks]
300,000+  Telstra T-Hub – KISS is a dance radio station on this device & service
35,000+  Naturally grown Social Media Network  
13,500+  KISS MY GRASS people typical attendance. Famous festival & station fundraiser. 
Figures based on Mcnair 2007 & KLS 2010/11 & Daily Stream Stats

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