Parliamentary mention forces 2BS backflip on AC/DC

…but for one song only.

1503 2BS Gold in Bathurst has lifted its ban on AC/DC songs, but only for one song… Back in Black.

The song was played this week as presenter Ardin Beech fulfilled his end of a bargain that he would lift the ban on AC/DC if the Member for Orange Andrew Gee mentioned 2BS in parliament. He did. You can view Gee’s parliamentary comments below.

But it seems that it’s still a long way to the top if you wanna to get an AC/DC rock n roll song on air at the Bathurst AM station.

The high voltage rock band, formed in 1973 by Malcolm and Angus Young, is one of the most popular and highest-grossing bands of all time. The 1980 album Back In Black reached number one in the UK, number four in the US and also topped the Australian charts.

Accused of being “UnAustralian” for not playing AC/DC songs, the station has now fulfilled its promise. But that doesn’t mean that AC/DC is back on the 2BS playlist for good.

After playing Back in Black, some of 2BS’ listeners complained that the AC/DC rock and roll sound was indeed “noise pollution,” with some of them shaking all night long after the shock of hearing the song on air. They want the band’s music to depart Bathurst and take the highway to hell, or at least to some other town. 

With such controversy raging, we thought we better grill Ardin Beech to find out a little more:

Beech: I have relented momentarily, at the risk of alienating thousands of loyal listeners, and complied with my end of the bet, which was the playing of a solitary song, Back in Black. It’s the first and last!

radioinfo: Why did you choose that one?
Beech: The terms of the bet left this decision out of my hands, however Mr Gee felt this song best described the turning of the tide and a new era of AC/DC-laden scheduling on 1503 2BS Gold.

radioinfo: Why did you persist with such an outrageous “UnAustralian” policy?
Beech: Without divulging sensitive demographic information, the fact that we took complaints from Beryl, Margaret and Agnes might clue you in to our listeners’ tastes in music.

radioinfo: Is Andrew Gee coming back onto his regular spot on 2BS soon?
Beech: He has been allowed back tentatively, and my finger will be planted firmly on the dump button in case he should attempt to mention AC/DC again.

radioinfo: Will you perhaps make a new intro for his segment, such as a montage of ACDC songs?
Beech: If AC/DC were bold enough to perform such an intro live in the studio, we might consider it for the promotional value, were it done during Race Week for instance, and someone supplied scones.

radioinfo: If you did play another AC/DC song, which would be the most appropriate song to play for Mr Gee?
Beech: I would suggest Thunderstuck, which perfectly sums up the reaction from our listeners.

In other AC/DC news, Malcolm Young has confirmed he has officially retired from the band.

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