Patricia Karvelas will host RN Breakfast on ABC Radio

Patricia Karvelas will replace Fran Kelly and present RN Breakfast on ABC Radio, moving into the early morning slot in 2022.

Karvelas, who is well-known to Radio National listeners as the host of RN Drive and her appointment was announced this morning by Fran Kelly, who finishes with the program this Thursday after 17 years in the role.

Karvelas says, “It is an honour and privilege to step into what I have long considered the best job on radio, setting the national agenda every weekday morning and providing the conversations and interviews that will keep ABC audiences well informed of the issues that affect them. This is particularly important given we are entering an election year.

 “I have huge shoes to fill coming after the remarkable Fran Kelly and I am humbled to be the nation’s morning broadcaster at this important time. Fran made the show an important part of the day for news, information and the conversations that help us understand each other. I want to continue that standard.

 “I am passionate about getting to the truth and asking questions that I know listeners want asked, regardless of where they live in Australia. Whether it is holding those in power to account or talking about arts and culture or sport, I cannot wait to get behind the RN Breakfast mic and deliver for ABC listeners.”

ABC Director of Entertainment & Specialist, Michael Carrington, says, “I am delighted that PK will bring her insights and energy to RN Breakfast from next year. RN Breakfast is the program that Australians wake up to and PK has something to offer every listener, from political analysis to important and intriguing social and cultural issues from around the world. Her trusted voice will ensure that RN Breakfast continues to set the news agenda for years to come.”

 Fran Kelly, who will continue to play a key role at the ABC in 2022, says, “Patricia is a natural fit for RN Breakfast. Her boundless energy and strong journalistic instincts, coupled with her personal warmth and extraordinary work ethic means she has what it takes to keep the program doing what it does best – driving the daily news agenda and bringing the audience along on a wild ride of politics, popular culture, social issues, science, sport and music. There’s no other program like it!

 “Patricia and I have worked together on The Party Room podcast for the past five years and I can vouch firsthand for her passion for politics. I will exit on Thursday knowing my beloved RN Breakfast is in great hands.”

 Karvelas is a highly respected journalist and presenter, radio and television host, podcaster and political analyst, who has worked across every medium in the Australian media landscape.

Along with RN Drive, which Karvelas has presented since 2015, for the past three years she has hosted Afternoon Briefing, which has grown to be one of the most popular programs on the ABC News Channel.

Karvelas and Kelly together host The Party Room political podcast, which examines the latest news and events from Parliament House in Canberra.

Karvelas has also filled in as host of The Drum and Insiders on ABC TV and frequently offers analysis and insights across a range of ABC radio and television programsShe has also worked as a reporter at triple j and producer in ABC Local Radio.

Outside the ABC, Karvelas has hosted and produced the program Karvelas on Sky News and worked in the Canberra Press Gallery as political correspondent for The Australian newspaper.

She has also worked for The Sydney Morning Herald and SBS.

The new hosts of RN Drive and Afternoon Briefing will be announced in coming weeks.


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