Perth radio legend Barry Martin facing health issues

Perth radio icon Barry Martin will go into hospital next week for a cancer-related operation on his jaw.

“It is treatable… you’ve gotta be a glass half full fella,” he told Steve and Baz when they called him for a health update this morning.

Explaining the problem he said:

“I have dentures and I was having pain in my bottom jaw gum and went to the dentist. He sent me to a surgeon who said ‘If it’s spread to your body you’ve got 9-12 months – if it hasn’t we can operate…’

“After a full body scan, they found it hadn’t spread so I’m looking forward to recovery and getting back on the air within two months.”
The operation is not expected to affect his radio voice.

Barry Martin and his on-air partner, the now deceased John Watts, were a successful breakfast duo on 6PM and 6PR for many years in Perth.

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