Perth wakes up to pleasure drone

Since drones became available to the public, we’re pretty sure radio stations all around the country were bailing up their accountants and GM’s asking to buy a drone.  Well, it seems the team at Perth’s hit92.9 have twisted a few arms and got themselves a drone of their own.

Starting tomorrow, the hit92.9 Pleasure Drone will be up in the air around Perth taking pics of the hit92.9 Jeep in different locations.  Listeners simply have to check out the snaps, listen for clues, and identify the jeep’s location.  Everyone who guesses correctly scores themselves a pleasure pack.

But the winning doesn’t stop there.

Each winner will then go into the draw to win $10,000, which will be delivered by the hit92.9 Pleasure Drone.  That’s right, whoever wins the big cash drop could wake up to a drone hovering outside their window with a cheque for $10,000! (Let’s hope the people of Perth don’t sleep au naturel.)

The drone is up, up and away starting tomorrow.


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