Plan B challenges triple j soccer team

This morning on triple j, UK rapper Plan B challenged triple j to a high stakes game of indoor soccer while he’s in Australia for the Parklife tour.

In honour of the triple j vs Parklife All Stars tradition, Alex Dyson, captain of the J Team, accepted the challenge.
Previous challenges set by Lady Sovereign and Busy P have been unsuccessful against the superior (and often comic) skills of the J Team, but Plan B’s confident smack down has sparked some serious rivalry. Brits take their soccer seriously.

Over the next few weeks Plan B will put together a team of the very best dance acts in the world. We know they love football, they’re hungry for a win and they sure can dance… but can they kick a goal?
To help the J Team defeat the Parklife All Stars for the third year running, the station will fly a triple j listener to the match in Sydney. They willll join the illustrious and undefeated J Team, made up of a motley crew of triple j presenters.
To be in the running to win the trip, listeners must head to the triple j website and write a sports chant for the J Team. The J’s will play the very best chants, from each state, all next week to psych out the opposition.