Power FM study tips: play classical music, sit next to smart kids

As final year high school exams begin around the country, Power FM has some tips for NSW South Coast students heading into their HSC examinations.

Power FM’ s Loz and Jack breakfast show put together a rap and 5 top tips to give students a bit of a laugh in the week the exam begins.

They did also take it seriously, and had a chat with the CEO of reachout.com and thereslifeafter.org.

Jack’s Tips

1. Play classical music – it’ll make you feel smarter.
2. Sit in the Library – the smell of books will keep you concentrated.
3. Sit close to the smart kid in class.
4. Take a break and always have food with you.
5. Log out Facebook,Youtube,Twitter – keep focused but remember to take regular breaks.

The Rap


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