The Premier and the Showboy at 92.9

WA Premier Colin Barnett was treated to a birthday surprise when he stepped into the studio with Lisa, Paul & Baz, the breakfast team at 92.9 in Perth. The Premier, who celebrates his 62nd birthday this weekend, is an unabashed monarchist. So with his idol, the Queen unable to attend – the palace politely declined 92.9’s invitation due to Her Majesty having a previous engagement – they found another queen, of the drag variety, to do a Marilyn Monroe impersonation for him.

But the “fun” didn’t stop there. Mr Barnett was presented with a special commemorative gold plaque for his feature rap in Paul’s Suburban Song about the Premier’s electorate of Cottesloe – as premiered live on 92.9 in February.

“We have a very special gift for you,” Lisa told him. “It is presented to ‘Premier Colin MC Barnett’ in recognition of the sales of the Suburban Song that you performed for 92.9.” 

“You sold four?” He asked after spying the four gold records. “Apart from my wife and two sons, who else bought a copy?”

“No, that was it, it was just them,” Baz said.