Princess Elettra Marconi to launch Marconi radio rover

Italian Princess Elettra Marconi, will tonight commemorate the passing of the man who changed broadcasting forever – her father, Guglielmo Marconi, by christening the Marconi Radio Rover Outside Broadcast Van, named ‘Elettra’ in her honor via wireless from Rome.

This state of the art Outside Broadcast vehicle is set to change the face of outside radio broadcasting and proudly bears the Marconi Family Crest as endorsed by the Princess Elettra Marconi herself.

Born in Bologna, Italy, Guglielmo Marconi would have been one-hundred-forty years old on that day.

Widely recognised as the inventor of Radio, Marconi was the Steve Jobs of his time.

The founding partners of Radio Australasia, Ben Starr and Patrick Kayrooz, will host the event.

The Princess established a friendship with the pair while they filmed a documentary (titled ELETTRA) on the Princess and her passion for preserving her Father’s legacy. ELETTRA premiers at film festivals later this year.



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