Protesters rally against ABC Cuts

The ABC Board is coming under intense pressure from ABC supporters not to cut crucial ABC programs.

ABC Friends and supporters have rallied outside the ABC Board meeting, protesting the potential axing of Lateline and Friday night’s state-based 7.30 as well as possible cuts to ABC Radio.

Some of the radio areas being examining for cuts include science programming, the scaling back of foreign correspondents in Asia and cuts to local sport broadcasting. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has confirmed that there will be cuts to the ABC and SBS, but has continued to say they will be ‘back office’ cuts.


Look closely in the window of the first floor newsroom.

The protest began at 9.30am and was addressed by longtime ABC journalist, Quentin Dempster. It has been organised by ABC Friends and is supported by ABC staff unions.


“The ABC is under heavy pressure from the Government to make cuts,” said Glenys Stradijot, ABC Friends National spokesperson. “However, the community will not accept ABC current affairs being cut.

“News and current affairs are the lifeblood of our democracy. They are a core responsibility of the national broadcaster. Lateline provides a crucial service to the nation. State-based 7.30 is relied upon around the country for insight and scrutiny of important state and local affairs. Radio National’s specialist programs are an invaluable resource.

“ABC Friends already has 10,664 ‘likes’ on its Facebook page opposing cuts to ABC current affairs. An online petition launched on GetUp yesterday has reached 37,600 signatures on last check.
“The ABC Board has the strong support of the community to fight funding cuts. The Board has a responsibility to ensure the ABC is not gagged”

, said Glenys Stradijot.



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