Punished for wrong daylight saving timecalls

“I was punished all thanks to Daylight confusion… Big time,” Ross Wallman told radioinfo.

Being on the Queensland/NSW border, Sea FM has to make dual timecalls during daylight savings time.

Wallman is the one who does the time calls,, for example, “Galey Ross and Charlie it’s 6.10, an hour later on the tweed……”

Now that daylight saving is over, Wallman had a 3 strike chance to be deprogramed to the “hour later on the Tweed” call.

“I struck out,” he told radioinfo.

My punishment, straight to the van after the 3rd strike to go to the sling shot… People as far as the Tweed on the NSW border reported a screaming female in distress….. Nope just me and my pure fear on the slingshot in the middle of Surfers Paradise,” he said.


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