Push this button to make it go Kyle

Kyle and Jackie are getting used to their new studios at ARN.

Today Kyle posted on the KIIS facebook page:

Dozens of producers standing around (doing nothing) celebrities dropping by, high tech screen monitors and Jackie on her phone not paying attention to any of it. Just another day at the KIIS 1065 offices. Kyle x

And included a range of shots of the team prepping for next week in the renovated studios and learning NexGen.

The team gave away a few more pieces of info about the show on the page as well:

DB has come with us, so you will now be hearing DB’S diary again. Woot!! Although he’s trying to worm his way out of that one – he hates doing it!!


Simon our EP jumped ship as well and so did our amazing audio producer Boz (otherwise known as the junkie) – (which he is not actually a junkie)……he just looks like one!!

…we weren’t able to take all of our team with us, as much as we would have liked them here, we and they have certain contract issues which prevent that. Simon, DB and Boz were able to come with us. We have some new guys on the team who are fantastic though. And I believe bruno (if you remember him) will be making an appearance…

…we want to make our new page more interactive and personal. The other one was mostly run by producers, this is only run by kyle and I now. J x

…still lots of listener calls and interaction. I’m excited by the way. Was nervous a while ago but now that we have gone into the studios and gotten to know everyone over the last few weeks. I’m reeeeeaaaalllly excited. It’s a great environment. The station is going to sound awesome!! J x

They also got to sample the rooftop pool (see our other story) at the Byfield Street studios in North Ryde.

Although much of the focus is on KIIS, our ARN insiders also tell us that the WS FM studios have also had a facelift and are also looking shiny and new for 2014.

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