Putting our feet up over the holiday season

Those who subscribe to our daily and weekly email alerts get a heads-up 5 days per week about the latest radio industry news and jobs.

But it’s time to put our feet up and give the emails a rest for a while, because, chances are, you will be on holidays and they will just clog up your inbox while you are away.

And we will get all your ‘out of office’ messages clogging up our email too.

We will resume the regular emails in the new year.

If you are not a subscriber to our email alerts, you can subscribe by going to your My Account profile and ticking the email boxes at the top of the page. It’s free. 

Our coverage of radio news and our job ads will continue during the Christmas break as needed, but won’t be updated as often as usual.

If you can’t bear to be without your radioinfo updates, just follow us on twitter or facebook, where you will see alerts every time we publish a new report.

Enjoy your holidays!