Radio industry urged to stand up for training

An important media industry workshop in Sydney this Tuesday will help to shape vocational training for the next generation of radio, tv and film industry participants.
Radio industry people with an interest in training are being invited to attend the SMPTE hosted workshop to formalise what radio needs from training in the future.
The training package (CUF07) used to deliver creative and technical training for the media industries is undergoing a major revision.  Training planners need to know what you think of current vocational training:

  • what needs to be changed,
  • what new jobs have emerged in the last 10 years,
  • what new jobs might exist in five years time,
  • what gaps exist in vocational training for the radio, screen and media industry segments.

The workshop has been organised by the Industry Working Group created for the revision project.  As an employer, manager, participant or trainer, this workshop will significantly inform the revisions team as to what radio, tv and screen training needs to deliver.
The working group’s role is to get industry to say what it wants the educators to deliver
Please register by filling in this six-question survey – it will take only minutes:
Vocational training in Australia should be industry-driven, so radio industry input and participation is vital to get the best possible result.
Vocational Training (or VET, as in TAFE and private trainers) is the same channel that’s trained everyone who went through BOCP in the old days.   These days VET delivers Certificate and Diploma nationally recognised qualifications and although radio is included and defined in the Screen and Media Training Package, many of the qualifications are out of date and some have been dropped.   
Right now, you can’t get a specific Advanced Diploma in Broadcast Technology because it just doesn’t exist.
It’s important that the package is revised to be right for our industry today and in the future.  Whatever isn’t in the package can’t be offered as a qualification.   In the last revision some definitions and qualifications were dropped, partly because the industry didn’t stand up and claim the need for the training and especially senior qualifications.
If the radio industry wants to have industry-specific training for radio, the industry must say what’s important, what’s needed, and what job outcomes would be produced.  
The group is getting responses from visual/imaging employers and interested parties, but needs way more traction with Radio. 

Workshop details below:
Tuesday 11 February 1100 -1500
 Venue – Randwick TAFE
 Corner of Darley Road and King Street
 Randwick NSW 2031

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