Radio National 2015 lineup

ABC RN begins 2015 with four new presenters, six new specialist programs and a new series on top of the network’s existing programming.

RN’s Manager Deborah Leavitt explains: “In 2015 RN will continue to deliver its distinctive, quality content across all genres from features and creative audio, to weekly specialist programs and daily news and analysis,”

“The network aims to influence and lead discussions on the big ideas, issues and debates, and be a key destination for the thinking and curious of all ages. Our new 2015 line up will ensure we live up to this remit.”

RN’s 2015 schedule, which commences Monday 26 January, includes the following new programs and presenters:

Earshot: Encounter the world – people, places, ideas – in all its diversity in this new strand feature documentaries. Four broad themes will be covered: People and Society; History; The Creative Life; and Belief. Presented by David Rutledge. (Monday—Thursday, 11.00am—12 noon)

RN Afternoons: Michael Mackenzie brings you a curated offering of RN’s best specialist content. (Monday—Friday, 1.00—3.00pm)

RN Drive: Patricia Karvelas brings you the daily wrap on current affairs from around the country and abroad. (Monday—Friday, 6.00—7.30pm)

Extra Overtime: Geraldine Doogue brings in-depth and intelligent interviews with leading opinion makers, experts and analysts, covering important national and global issues with a focus on leadership. (Monday, 7.30—8.00pm)

Between the Lines: Tom Switzer puts contemporary political events in a broader historical and international context, pointing to new and different takes on the big issues of the day. (Thursday, 7.30—8.00pm)

Blueprint for Living: Michael Williams, Director of the Wheeler Centre, presents a special mix of food and design – from architecture and fashion, to gardens and travel: all the things that make for an enjoyable life. (Saturday, 9.00—10.00am)

Jazztrack: Mal Stanley brings the best jazz from Australia and around the world to RN’s airwaves, with new and historical recordings and highlights from the ABC’s own jazz collection. 

(Saturday and Sunday, 11.00pm—1.00am)

Funemployed: An eight-part series exploring the personal and emotional side of being an artist by Justin Heazlewood, aka The Bedroom Philosopher. Coming to Books and Arts from Thursday, 5 February 2015.