Radio National summer lineup

Radio National has released its summer lineup, promising “epic radio waves” for listeners over the holiday period.

Between 22nd December 2014 and 25th January 2015, it will take a look back on 2014, showcasing special broadcasts, interview highlights, some of the year’s finest radio documentaries and two enticing new series.

All other programs can be found below.

RN BreakfastEllen Fanning, Jonathan Green and Hamish MacDonald bring a daily update on national and international news, sport and weather, what to read, see and listen. Christmas Day Breakfast, presented by David Rutledge, will feature carols, Christmas readings, and insights into other religious festivals taking place at this time of year; and science journalist Wendy Zukerman, will cover trends and predictions for 2015 on New Year’s Day.

Talking Plants: For budding gardeners and all those who enjoy the outdoors: this new six-part series, hosted by botanist Tim Entwisle, is an engaging take on plants, gardens and gardening.

A Short History of Video Games: Analysis of technology and culture of the gaming world, which traces the fascinating rise of video games from their invention in the 1970s.

Best of Festivals: brings you highlights from Australia’s major cultural festivals. Hear from writers like Richard Flanagan, Eimear McBride and Eleanor Catton.

Science Extra with the Infinite Monkey Cage: Presented by Robyn Williams and featuring particle physicist and science communicator Brian Cox.

The Great War: 10 Contested Questions: RN’s WW1 broadcast, The Great War: Memory, Perceptions and 10 Contested Questions, explores 10 critical questions about the war and Australia’s place in it.

Subcontinent Book Club 2015: Get a head start on the great novels that will be part of Books and Arts Daily’s 2015 Subcontinent Book Club which features a list of literary masterpieces.