Radio rules… it’s the mothership of audio #RDE23

“Radio is the mothership of the audio industry,” said Stefan Moller, the President of the Association of European Broadcasters, to a round of applause at the official opening of RadioDays Eueope.

Getting straight to the point, Edita Kudlacova, the EBU’s Head of Radio named some of the most important battle grounds for radio in the evolving media environment:

  • Radio should be easy to find on any device.
  • We will need to be very transparent with how we use date.
  • Data must be everywhere, on air, online and on podcasts.
  • Commercial and non commercial radio companies have to work together to make sure that radio is a first thought for everyone.

Stefan Moller added to the list of important issues for radio:

  • Media freedom
  • Easy access to radio on any device
  • Fair competition – radio is a regulated medium, but others online media platforms are not
  • Copyright
  • Unfair advertising restrictions

“There are many challenges, but also many possibilities as radio moves into the future.

“We are in the middle of an audio revolution… the content will be fine, we know how to do that, but we must be able to be found on every audio platform… Radio rules, it is the mother ship of audio!”


Richard Dawkins president of Bauer Media group, tackled the question, ‘How do we strengthen Radio reach and credibility in times of unprecedented change?’

“Amongst all complexities we must never loose sight of an industry that brings joy, by combining the old and mastering the new.”

“We need to keep our focus on customer-centricity. More than 80% of European populations invite us into their homes, cars and workplaces as new friends… we must engage, listen and respond, to understand their needs. We can do that by combining artistry and data in this new environment.”

Radio companies have solid fundamentals:

  • Creativity, which allows us to combine new content and new platforms
  • Trust and reliability…  no fake news
  • Purpose and connection to community
  • Cultural enrichment… supporting culture, music, etc
  • Effectiveness
  • Innovation… we are living the digital future

“We are keeping one eye and one ear on the fundamentals and the other on the future,” said Dawkins.

Fighting back tears, Andriy Taranov, from the Ukrainian Public Broadcaster Suspilne Movlennya received a standing ovation from the audience.

At last year’s Radiodays Conference, he and a colleague spoke via zoom from a bunker, where they were continuing to broadcast while under attack from Russian forces. This year he was present in person in Prague to deliver a keynote speech.

He thanked the world’s radio community for their support during the past year. “I wish I had a much more boring life and that I was not here… but since I am here I would like to offer my thanks to you all for your support during the war.”


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