Radio strong in Facebook’s performance review

The Online Circle has released its Facebook Performance Report of 2014, weighing up the prominence of businesses on the site by the number of fans they have and their ability to engage with their fans.

Radio is the most engaging industry, the report shows, with triple the number of fans engaged per week as news and magazines in second place.


This high level of engagement is particularly impressive when radio is only the 7th biggest industry on Facebook in terms of a fanbase.

News and magazines however are seeing the greatest amount of fan growth as they attempt to continuously evolve to deliver news via social networking means. Particular pages like Buzzfeed Videos use their brand name and status as a news site to create a Facebook page that churns out easily digestible and fashionable entertainment, theoretically expanding their user base.

Inside the radio industry, Hamish and Andy have the most followers while many SCA and Nova stations have managed engagement rates of over 100%. SBS Pop Asia has seen an astounding growth rate of 426% in 2014 to become the third biggest radio fanbase in Australia. 

Read the ful report here