Ray Hadley celebrates a huge milestone and shares his secret to success

Ray Hadley celebrated his 4,000th show at 2GB today, using the milestone to thank all the staff who have worked for him across the years and to replay some of his favourite highlights.
Ray who left 2UE in 2001 and began broadcasting the Ray Hadley Morning Show on 2GB in April 2002, thanked his loyal listeners for sticking by him through thick and thin and explained why the show has been so important to him, saying, “At various crises in my life, what I’ve done is I’ve kept going, I’ve come onto the radio and spoken to my audience and had some fun with you.
“In some way it’s, I guess, been a way of overcoming difficulties in my life by connecting with my audience.”

He also thanked the man who gave him his start in radio, the late Gary O’Callaghan, and shared Gary’s advice that has guided him throughout his career, and says, “What I’ve always remembered is what he told me in about 1982. And it’s advice I give to other young people now… whatever you do, be yourself. Simply be yourself because the microphone is an article you can’t hide from.
“All I can guarantee is as long as I’m here, for however long I’m here I’ll try and be honest with my audience.”




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