Ray Hadley comments breach decency rules

An ACMA investigation has found radio station Triple M 105.1 Central West breached decency rules for comments made by Ray Hadley in which he allegedly made threats of physical assault against a social media user.

The ACMA investigated a complaint about a broadcast of The Ray Hadley Morning Show on Triple M 105.1 Central West, which aired in May 2019. During the broadcast, Mr Hadley made the comments about an unnamed individual who had allegedly made a remark about Mr Hadley’s granddaughter.

Mr Hadley’s language included terms such as “you flea”, “you low-life dog” and inferred that if members of his family could locate the individual they would “be drinking through a straw for a long, long time”.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said the comments were not appropriate for public radio broadcasting in Australia.

“The ACMA recognises that Mr Hadley was being defensive of his granddaughter, however it is not appropriate for him to use his position as a public broadcaster to direct threatening comments towards an individual,” she said.

The ACMA investigation found the comments breached generally accepted standards of decency under the Commercial Radio Code of Practice (2017). This is the first breach of the decency provisions in the Code in relation to The Ray Hadley Morning Show.

The investigation also found there was no breach in relation to comments Mr Hadley made about referring matters relating to a junior football match to the police, and the police commissioner.

In response to the findings, Triple M Central West referred the matter to Nine Radio given the program was produced by Nine Radio’s 2GB.

In response, 2GB have counselled Mr Hadley and both 2GB and Triple M 105.1 Central West will ensure its staff legal compliance training will reference the broadcast and breach findings.


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