Reborn, Christian reaches second anniversary

Two years ago, Christian O’Connell started a new life in Melbourne radio.

He left behind an enormously successful career in England, where he was a genuine superstar of radio and television, to become an unknown, a complete outsider, in Australia. 

Everyone who knew anything about radio (except radioinfo) said he was crazy. But the listeners loved his brand of crazy and now his GOLD104.3 Breakfast show is number one FM in Melbourne.

Just goes to show: ’Have Talent, Will Travel.’ To mark the occasion, well-wishers took to instagram and O’Connell responded in gracious kind.

This sums up the last two years Of my radio life since moving to Australia two years ago.

The show marks two years today and nothing could’ve prepared me for the wild ride it’s been. From show 1 it was made very clear I was ‘uninvited’ ‘not wanted down under’ and ‘boring as bat shit’. But, you gave me a go. Which is pretty incredible. 
Despite doing breakfast radio 22 years I’ve learnt more and grown more in the last 24 months and that is down to the amazing support from our radio family here in Melbourne, now across Australia and all over the world with the podcasters. 
I meant what I said this morning on air. The show is me, @jackpost @patrinajonesnewman, and you. The stories and jokes I get everyday from you are what makes the show 

Thank you 

For your honest feedback in the early days, which only made me dig deeper, and your joy in what we are building now. 
Thanks to a daredevil who dared to bring a British DJ out here, Duncan Campbell. What was he thinking?
Thanks to Jack and Pats for being open to everything.

And thank you x 

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