Red Symons returns to airwaves after brain injury

ABC broadcaster Red Symons will return to the airwaves next week after suffering a significant brain injury in a fall two months ago.

The 68-year-old ABC Radio Melbourne presenter fell and hit his head on the pavement while walking home from the supermarket on July 5.

A few weeks later, his colleague Jon Faine revealed Symons had suffered “a significant injury to his brain” but had experienced no loss of function.

Symons had always maintained he would return to work once he recovered.

“It’s fine, you can’t see any bruises can you?” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“It didn’t leak any blood. The brain just rattled around in the skull for a little while and, I’m back.”

Symons said he had been back in the office for the past week, as part of his rehabilitation.

“I did have a discussion with somebody called Professor ‘name redacted’ who said to me they were concerned by my supposed lack of inhibition within the public arena,” he said.

“Everyone I’ve told that to has just laughed.”

He will resume as the host of Breakfast on Monday.

Symons was a member of the Melbourne band Skyhooks and also worked on the TV variety show, Hey Hey It’s Saturday.


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