Revamp for Siren Awards

Commercial Radio & Audio (CRA) taking a new approach with the Siren Awards with two new partnerships aiming at reflecting excellence across all audio platforms, reaching a broader audience, and supporting new creatives entering the ad industry. This year they are also are moving away from a stand alone event with the Sirens to be presented at the B&T Awards under the Best Use of Radio/Audio.

CRA chief commercial officer Jo Dick said CRA is also partnering with Advertising Council Australia (ACA) to support AWARD School 2024, as presenting partner for the Audio Week brief.

Dick said of the partnerships:

“The Sirens have been encouraging excellence in audio creative for two decades, and this refresh will ensure the initiative keeps up with our fast-evolving industry. Our partnership with B&T will take the Sirens to a broader audience, across the creative community, media agencies and marketers, while we are also expanding the scope of the award to reflect excellence across all audio platforms – not just radio. And by teaming up with ACA to support AWARD School, we will be encouraging new and emerging creative talent to embrace audio.”

Sirens founder, Eardrum’s Ralph van Dijk said:

“It’s the end of an era, but also the start of a new one, and I’m excited to see how the Siren’s partnership with Advertising Council Australia can help foster the next generation of creative excellence in audio. While the Cannes Lions prize will be sorely missed, focusing resources on upskilling creatives will reap even greater rewards.”

The Siren for the Best Use of Radio/Audio category will be presented at the annual B&T Awards in November. Entries will be open mid-2024. Previous Sirens judges will be invited to judge the category.

AWARD School has already commenced with participants receiving their Audio Week brief from tutor David Fraser of BMF, which won the 2023 Siren Award for its work with ALDI.

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