Richard Stubbs is a Radio Game Changer

Richard Stubbs speaks with Craig Bruce

He literally changed the game for breakfast radio in the mid 80s as the first stand-up comedian to cross-over to breakfast radio. He started at 3XY on the Morning Zoo in 1985 before moving to MMM in the late 80s. In 1992 The Richard Stubbs Breakfast Show replaced the D-Generation, and went on to become one of the most successful shows of the time.

Stubbsy then forged a new path for FM hosts by crossing over to the ABC in 2004. After 11 years of success in the afternoon slot, he made the decision to hang up the headphones at the end of 2015.

Richard’s observational humour, natural intelligence and listening skills are some of the reasons why his career has been successful.

‘Radio is hideously personal… My mantra’s always been if someone’s a moron, I’m going to be better. I’ll be 10 per cent better to cover your moron-ness’. 


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