RN’s Audio Creative Unit pushes radio boundaries

ABC Radio National’s new Creative Audio Unit (CAU) launched today with two new shows – Radiotonic and Soundproof – presenting a mix of fiction and non-fiction, essays, radio dramas, soundscapes, composed audio features and radio art.
CAU’s remit is to carve out a new space for creative audio work across genres, media and forms. A large portion of the CAU budget is allocated for commissioning new works from artists, writers, musicians and radiomakers in Australia and internationally.

It will also approach institutions such as museums, festivals, theatres and galleries to further explore the ways in which radio is made and what constitutes material for radio.

In an article co-authored by Associate Professor Mia Lindgren, Head of School of Media, Film and Journalism and Miyuki Jokiranta, a presenter and producer with CAU it is said that, “Around the world, radio is enjoying a renaissance. Creative forms of radio production, radio features and audio storytelling have become sexy and, unlike some naysayers have claimed, neither video nor new media killed the radio star.

“Rather, radio, always the most versatile of media, has reinvented itself to take advantage of what digital technology has to offer. Audio content is no longer ephemeral but can now be accessed, captured, preserved, reshaped and shared with audiences through a variety of platforms.”

This reinvention can be illustrated in three ways, they say:

1) The audience is listening more than ever
2) More people want to produce creative radio content
3) The body of academic work in radio studies is growing.
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